Creating Growl Notification App in Xcode4

2011.11.04 15:32
Let's figure out how to incorporate Growl framework in your application. 

1. Download the latest version of Growl SDK (1.3) from #3 web site and unpack the SDK somewhere. 

2. Create a new project in Xcode (ex. GrowlApp) and drag the Growl.framework folder to the Frameworks folder in Project Navigator. Make sure to set "Copy items into destination group's folder (if needed)"

3. We need to add new build phase (Add Copy Files

4. Edit your source code

Here is the source code,

1. How to Make a Growl App,
2.Xcode 4.1 Tutorial - Growl Notificaions in Mac OS Lion,
3. Growl SDK,
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Creating Growl Notification App in Xcode4  (0) 2011.11.04

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iSad - Sad Day

2011.10.06 16:51

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iSad - Sad Day  (0) 2011.10.06

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How to synchronize Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Mac (Lion)

2011.09.24 22:57

1. Download Kies for Mac ( : older version) from torrent site. 

2. And perform the software update of the Kies 

After the update, the Kies should restart itself (if not manually restart it). 

3. Connect Kies to your Mac with a USB cable. If everything goes well, your galaxy tab model should shown up on the left side. 

After adding some files such as movies or songs, click on synchronize button. 

On the tablet screen, the following screen should shown up during the synchronization. 

1.KIES for Mac, 이제 맥에서도 갤럭시탭 10.1을 연결해보자,
2.갤럭시탭 10.1 kies 연결이 되지 않는다면,
3. How to synchronize Galaxy Tab 10.1 with PC via WiFi,
4.Using Kies to sync media to Galaxy Tab,
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Adjust Backup Time for Time Machine on Mac

2011.09.11 19:38
By default, Time Machine runs backup every hour, but we change the time interval by typing the following command from the terminal. 

># sudo defaults write /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ StartInterval -int 10800

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Mac OS X shortcut

2011.06.27 07:53

Mac OS X
Forward delete: fn + delete
Screen zoom: Control + 2-finger drag up + down
Inverse screen: Control + Option + Command + 8
See property of multiple files: 2-finger click, click option
Set the screen to standby: Shift + Ctrl + Eject
Invert screen colors: Control + Alt + Command + 8
Open Some System Preferences (Sound, Monitor): Alt + Vol, Alt + Screen?
Adjust Volume Level more accurately: Alt + Shift + Volume Shortcut
Remove Icon from the System Bar: Command + Shift + drag out the icon using the mouse
Turn off the Monitor: Ctrl + Shift + Eject
Pause all notifications quickly: Alt + Click on the notification icon at the right upper corner. 

Empty trash: Command + Shift + Del
Quick preview: selected file, Space
Quick preview (full view): selected file, Option + space
Hide/Show dock: Option + Command + D
Minimize current windows : Cmd + M
Hide current windows : Cmd + H
Hide all other windows : Opt + Cmd + H

Close finder windows: Command + W
Close all finder windows: Option + Command + W

Spotlight search: Control + space
Reboot : Control + Cmd + Eject
Sleep : Option + Cmd + Eject
Shutdown : Control + Option + Cmd + Eject

Screen capture
Capture entire screen : Shift + Cmd + 3
Capture selected region : Shift + Cmd + 4
Capture screen window : Shift + Cmd + 4 + space

Switch language input: Command + space (If you hold on with command, it shows the change display)
Chinese input: Option + Return

Multi-touch gestures
2-Finger Click: Right-Click (Ctrl-Click)
2-Finger Drag Up/Down/Left/Right: Scroll Up/Down/Left/Right
Zoom in: Hold Control & 2-Finger Drag Up
Zoom out: Hold Control & 2-Finger Drag Down

Go Back/Forward: 3-Finger Swipe Left/Right
4-Finger Swipe Up: Hide Windows and Show Desktop
4-Finger Swipe Down: Show all Windows

Browse Tabs (Left/Right): Option + Command + <- / ->

Zoom In/Out : Control + Opt + Mouse Scroll

Browse Tabs (Left/Right): Shift + Command + <- / ->

Text Editor
Increase/Decrease Font Size: Command + + or -

1. Mac Trick, 
2. Mac Shortcut, 
3. Table of keyboard shortcut,
4. Mac useful shortcut,
5. Mac OS X Keyboard,
6. Multi-Touch Gestures,

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Latex on Mac (한글로 쓰기는 방법도 포함)

2011.06.25 21:57
OS: Mac lion version

1. Download and install MacTex 2011 from #3

># unzip
># sudo mv texmf ~/Library/texmf

Install kotex using tlmgr
># sudo tlmgr --repository= install collection-kotex
># sudo tlmgr update --all

Need to include Mac Fonts
># vim /usr/local/texlive/2011/texmf.cnf
OSFONTDIR = {~/Library/Fonts;/Library/Fonts;/System/Library/Fonts}
># sudo texhash
># sudo udpmap-sys --enable
># sudo udpmap-sys --enable

2. latex template examples
 - English version (USENIX): require usenix.sty which is in the above file, texmf.*.egg 

># pdflatex camready.tex
># open camready.pdf

- Korean version (SNU thesis)

Cyberbit font is needed for SNU thesis template.
># sudo updmap --enable
># sudo chown -R ykoh ~/Library/texlive

># pdflatex thesis_template.tex
># open thesis_template.pdf

1. TeX on Mac OS,
2. Installing LaTeX on Mac,
3. MacTeX,
4. Tex on Mac OS X,
5.  Latex에 unicode와 cjk 패키지 적용하기,
6.  Mac에서 latex 쓰기,
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