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Creating Growl Notification App in Xcode4

2011.11.04 15:32
Let's figure out how to incorporate Growl framework in your application. 

1. Download the latest version of Growl SDK (1.3) from #3 web site and unpack the SDK somewhere. 

2. Create a new project in Xcode (ex. GrowlApp) and drag the Growl.framework folder to the Frameworks folder in Project Navigator. Make sure to set "Copy items into destination group's folder (if needed)"

3. We need to add new build phase (Add Copy Files

4. Edit your source code

Here is the source code,

1. How to Make a Growl App,
2.Xcode 4.1 Tutorial - Growl Notificaions in Mac OS Lion,
3. Growl SDK,
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Creating Growl Notification App in Xcode4  (0) 2011.11.04

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